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: Kon
Birthday : December 30
Height : 27 cm
Weight : 182 g
Occupation : Modified Soul

His name is short for Kaizou Konpaku (modified soul). Kon, named by his owner Ichigo Kurosaki ('Kai' was refused because it 'sounded too cool'), is an artificial soul (modsoul) designed to inhabit Ichigo's body when Ichigo is in his shinigami form; when not serving that purpose, Kon usually inhabits a lion plushie.

Kon primarily serves as a comedic foil in the series; when not inhabiting Ichigo's body, his normal plushie body is treated with little respect and much disdain, from being run over to being dressed up like a designer doll (he currently sports a Quincy cross at the back of his head as revenge from Uryuu Ishida for violently attacking Ishida after the latter turned him in a frilly doll; in the anime, KonIshida also turned him into a backpack). He is quite perverted and often takes advantage of his form to get girls to hug him to their chests. He also appears at the end of every episode during the Soul Society arc, giving a short course on individual members of the Shinigami.

During the few times that Kon is in combat, he has proven to be able to hold his own - in addition to possessing all the combat abilities of Ichigo's well-trained body, he was designed to have exceptionally powerful leg strength. He was able to fend Ichigo off in combat by using just kick-attacks and leg-blocks, Konand is able to kick aside massive hollows. He can run 100 metres in 3.8 seconds while in his plushie form. When in Ichigo's body, he is capable of jumping over 13 metres and 56 cm from standing position.

Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo obtained an item known as gikongan (Soul Candy) contained in dispensers similar to those that store Pez at the Urahara Shop, a pill that allowed Ichigo to bring out his shinigami self in the event that Rukia was not around. Unbeknownst to everyone (including the Urahara Shop's employees), the particular Soul Candies Urahara had given Rukia had been declared defective by Soul Society, as they were made from a batch meant to be turned in for destruction. These pills contained modsouls, artificially created souls which were endowed with abilities to combat hollows. All of these modified souls were designed to have their own special strengths; in Kon's case, his legs. By the time the store staff got word to Rukia however, Ichigo had already ingested one, who immediately took over his body.

The modsoul, free and having no desire to return to its pill form, went on a mischievous and damaging rampage, diverting Ichigo from the pursuit of a particularly dangerous hollow. The pair clashed a few times during the course of Konthe modsoul's spree, and would have continued had not the hollow chosen to appear and attack a group of children nearby. The modsoul acted on its instincts, attacking the hollow and giving Ichigo the time to defeat it.

Afterwards, Ichigo had a talk with the modsoul, who explained that he just wanted to be free and experience life, similar to that of a real soul. Taking pity on him, Rukia and Ichigo ignored a standing directive to all shinigami, deciding not to turn him in for destruction; they instead stuck the candy into a lion plushie, giving it life. Ichigo shortly afterwards gave the modsoul the name of Kon.

Ichigo began to take Kon (in his pill form), everywhere in case Hollows should appear. When Uryuu Ishida challenged Ichigo to a duel in which whoever could destroy the most Hollows would win, Kon again took over Ichigo's body. He joined in the fight around Karakura to defeat Hollows, saving an ambushed Rukia. He would later watch as Ichigo and Ishida teamed up to defeat a Menos Grande Hollow.

When Rukia decided to leave Karakura, Kon tried to stop her, but she bound and Kongagged him behind the Kurosaki's toilet. When Ichigo, Orihime, Chad and Ishida decided to go after Rukia, he tried to join them in Ichigo's body, but Ichigo made him stay behind.

In the meantime, he is recruited by Don Kanonji to the Karakura Superheroes team as Karakura King. He serves as a football for Karin's special attack, the Karin Impact Kick.

With the arrancar invasion beginning, Kon took over Ichigo's body to have a little fun on the town, only to run into Grand Fisher. He was saved by the timely re-emergence of Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo's father, as a shinigami. Isshin quickly dispatched Grand Fisher with ease and Kon was forced to keep Isshin's true identity secret. Isshin was revealed to have long known of Kon's existance at this time.

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